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Examination Proctor is not accepting my ID for Certification Exam

Hi, I'm trying to do my Developer Path Certification exam. During my course I went by my commonly used name which is Jack, but when asked by the Proctor to show my ID I showed them my Australian Driver's Licence, which has my official name John. Jack is a very common nickname for John and appears on my work pass etc.
The Proctor would not accept my ID so now I'm wondering what my next steps should be.
Could I update the first name in my registration within Academy?
Hopefully I don't have to go through the courses again.
Thanks, Jack Dunn

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Funnily enough, I have the same problem. My legal name is John Erick. :)

You must use your legal name otherwise the proctors have no way of verifying your identity. Nicknames are not allowed.

I have updated your DataStax Academy profile to John Dunn. I've also advised the Academy team on to request Mettl to update your profile accordingly.

For what it's worth, I'm on holidays and have limited mobile access so my responses are delayed. Cheers!

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Thanks Erick! Apologies for interrupting your holiday. Enjoy the rest in peace. HNY :)


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Happy new year!

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Hi again Eric,

Please don't worry about this until you're back from leave :

Hope you had a great holiday! I attempted to take the Developer Path certification again after you had changed my name on my registration to John Dunn.

However the Proctor still said my first name didn't match. I also told them that Datastax Academy had changed my details, but they couldn't see the change and also couldn't see any correspondence about it. - So I'm wondering whether the change went through, or perhaps it was accidentally backed out??

When I look at my profile on Academy it still has my first name as Jack

Thanks again for all the help on this,

Jack (John) Dunn


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