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Using DSE Java driver 2.2 with spring Data Cassandra 2.1.X

I am using spring data cassandra 2.1.6. I included the dse driver-1.8.1 in my application as below

compile(group: '', name: 'spring-data-cassandra', version: 2.1.6.RELEASE) {
        exclude group: 'com.datastax.cassandra', module: 'cassandra-driver-core'
 compile group: 'com.datastax.dse', name: 'dse-java-driver-core', version: 1.8.1

After looking at the docs, I found that

1. Spring Data cassandra use cassandra driver 3.6.0

2. DSE has latest driver 2.2

Now my question is that

1. By using 1.8.1 dse driver against the 3.6.0 cassandra driver, will there be any issues

2. How can I Include 2.2 version of dse driver in spring

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@muzimilbasha_178465 The DataStax drivers are designed for connecting to DataStax Enterprise clusters since they give you the ability to access DSE-specific features such as DSE Graph Fluent API and DSE Advanced Security.

If you are developing applications on open-source Apache Cassandra, then you should use the Apache Cassandra version of the drivers (instead of DataStax versions). For more info, see Developing applications with DataStax drivers. Cheers!

[UPDATED] The DataStax Drivers have been unified so instead of a DSE version and an OSS version, there is now only one version that will work with both DSE and open-source Apache Cassandra clusters.

For example, Java driver v4.4.0 and newer will work with DSE and OSS Cassandra. See Chris Splinter's blog post Better Drivers for Cassandra for details.

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In earlier versions of dse driver, in documentation I have seen to exclude Cassandra driver and include dse driver. So, I thought if there is any way to the same using 2.2 dse driver.

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