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Should auto_bootstrap be set to true on all nodes when adding a new DC?

I am trying to add new DC in AWS cloud (EC2) into an already existing on prim multi DC cluster.

The new DC going to be added will have 18 nodes in AWS EC2 ,the existing on prim DC has total of three DC and each DC has 06 nodes .

Plan is to move current existing cluster to AWS by building new DC in AWS and one final day flip all application traffic to AWS

Current version of Cassandra on on-prim is DSE 5.1.x and adding new DC in AWS also with DSE 5.1.x .

Later once application get validated and stabilized then we consider to upgrade to 5.6.x in AWS

Question is

1) When initial/first starting of any nodes in new AWS DC , should auto_bootstrap set to true on all nodes or set only on designated seed nodes in the new DC . ?

2) Once all new nodes in new AWS DC are online , should auto_bootstrap set to false on all new nodes or does it needs to be set to true on some/any of node ?

3) We are planning to identify one of on-prim DC as source of truth for streaming data into new DC .

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The standard procedure when adding a new data centre to a Cassandra cluster is to disable automatic bootstrap on new nodes being added with:

auto_bootstrap: false

This will:

  1. Allow the new nodes to join the cluster immediately without streaming data.
  2. Allow Cassandra to be up on the new nodes and be ready for nodetool rebuild.

To respond to your questions directly:

  • auto_bootstrap is already set to true by default on all nodes.
  • You do not need to set auto_bootstrap on nodes already part of the cluster.
  • Set auto_bootstrap: false on all new nodes being added in the new DC, not just the seed nodes.


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Should we set auto_bootstrap: True only during rebuild and later set it to false on all nodes after rebuild completes on all nodes of new DC and bounce it to take effect of False ?

set auto_bootstrap: True is required only during rebuild to stream the data from designated source DC , later "auto_bootstrap: True" is not needed during normal operation while serving the end users/client application ?

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I think you misunderstood what I posted. Bootstrap and rebuild are two different operations.

You need to disable bootstrap (auto_bootstrap: false) only on the nodes where you want to run a rebuild.

Once any node has successfully joined the cluster, the auto bootstrap property is no longer used regardless of what you've configured. Cheers!

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