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swami03 asked swami03 commented

Gremlin queries always return 10 records in Studio and application

Gremlin queries are returning 10 records both in Datastax studio 6.8.4 version and as well as through the spring boot application using java driver version 4.6.1.

is there a configuration setting to remove the limit ?or limitation on our version of software?

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1 Answer

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bettina.swynnerton answered swami03 commented

Hi @swami03,

are you using Search with this Graph installation?

If so, the limit of 10 records might come from the default settings in solr paging. Check in your dse.yaml what the setting is for: cql_solr_query_paging

For use with DSE Graph, set it to cql_solr_query_paging: driver

Please note that you would need to make the change on every node, and a restart of each node is required after the change before you see effects of this changed setting.

Let us know how you get on.

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Hi Bettina,

Thank you for quick response. Here is my setting.

1. While fetching data using Gremlin queries on DataStax Studio connecting to DSE Graph schema (6.8.0) - returns 10 records.

2. While fetching data using Gremlin queries from Spring boot application using driver 4.6.1 - returns 10 records.

3. I will validate the settings mentioned above and keep you posted.

Thank you.

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I have no luck with the settings. I am not sure if this is with free DSE version.

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Hi @swami03,

what changes did you make? Did you restart all your DSE nodes after making the changes?

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Yes, we restarted all DSE nodes. Currently we are running on a single Node.

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Hi @swami03,

please post the Gremlin query which is returning the 10 results.

Please also confirm that this setting is set in the dse.yaml, and not commented out:

cql_solr_query_paging: driver


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Hi Bettina,

any flat searches like below returns 10 records in DSE studio as well as through Java code.

name column - set

code column - Varchar

g.V().hasLabel('Location').has('code', regex('.*')).has('name',contains('GEORGE/ALBERT'))

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