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nagasree963_193876 asked nagasree963_193876 commented

Unable to build the metrics reporter dashboards for Cassandra in Kubernetes

I am following this document for metrics report for cassandra:

But I see lots of errors when I am running the commands. I see last development is nfeore 4 months. When can expect the latest one

[UPDATE] I have just cloned the below repo:

Following the steps that are there in the ""

bin/ && bin/

When running the above command, I am getting error like need to remove character'f' in 1o th line for I modified those and able to run successfully.

But after running the, The Python-generated files are written to the generated directory. I am able to see only grafana folder , but not the prometheus one.

Am I following the correct way or am I doing anything wrong. Please assist me in this.

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1 Answer

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Erick Ramirez answered nagasree963_193876 commented

It's not clear what problem you're reporting so if you provide additional information on what errors you are seeing, we'd be happy to assist.

The cass-operator is being actively worked on with the last commit just 2 days ago. The latest version v1.4.1 was just released 2 weeks ago.

The last commit on DataStax Metrics Collector for Apache Cassandra (MCAC) was on July 30 with the latest version v.0.1.11 was released at the end of June.

There isn't much to develop on MCAC because all it does is collect metric data that is exposed in Mbeans by Apache Cassandra. To be clear, MCAC does not generate the data -- it simply collects whatever Cassandra reports. Because of this, there isn't much that would change from a collector perspective. The change is driven by refactors and improvements in Cassandra itself. Cheers!

[UPDATE] You don't have to build the dashboard unless you intend to make changes to it. The dashboard templates are already provided to you as stated in this section of the document you linked:

DataStax provides GitHub-hosted templates and build scripts for metrics reporter dashboards using Prometheus and Grafana. The dashboards allow you to check the health of DSE or open-source Apache Cassandra® resources in a Kubernetes cluster. Refer to the hosted start page containing resources for each environment:

These templates are the YAML files referenced in the steps in that document. For example, to install the Prometheus operator:

$ kubectl create -f dashboards/k8s-build/generated/prometheus/operator.yaml

The operator.yaml in the command came from

Since you mentioned that you cloned the repo locally, you will find the Prometheus templates in this directory on your server:


We have recently hosted a hands-on workshop where attendees learned how to deploy the Metrics Collector in a Kubernetes cluster. You can see the instructions we used in the workshop here. Cheers!

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Thank you for replying back.

[Edited and posted update in original question]

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Pasting the output here

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Am I following the correct way or am I doing anything wrong. Please assist me in this.

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Is there anyone who can help me with this. Please atleast mention the correct document for metrics collector for Apache cassandra

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When I am trying to install crds and OLM using the below command. Throwing an error.

curl -sL | bash -s 0.15.1


unable to recognize "": no matches for kind "CustomResourceDefinition" in version ""

Can you please help me with it

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