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adampaul asked Erick Ramirez commented

Can someone guide me for the exact procedure for backup and restore?

I want to backup and restore keyspace please guide me the steps for following scenarios.

I tried few documents but not working in my case.

Requirments :

I have one 3 node test cluster-1 having 2 keyspace with 2 tables each. I want to backup and restore these 2 keyspace to cluster 2 which has different number of nodes i.e 2 nodes and i want to restore keyspace with different name than source node.

For eg. Cluster-1 ks names : testks_23082020 and testks_24082020

Want cluster-2 keyspace names as testks_21092020_adam and testks_23092020 but data same as that of cluster-1.

I tried using schema creation and loading sstables by stopping dse and starting post copying and sstableloader also but post restoration i am getting incompatible version for few columns .

I am using dse 6.7.4 version please guide exact steps and method. Please note node configuration is different on both cluster

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1 Answer

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Erick Ramirez answered Erick Ramirez commented

As I stated in your other post (#8519), you cannot restore tables with user-defined types (UDTs) to another keyspace.

The UDT definition is part of a keyspace so it is encoded with the data in the SSTables. As such, you can only restore data to the same keyspace. Cheers!

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Thanks for the valuable support. appreciate quick response.

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Glad to help. Cheers!

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