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swami03 asked bettina.swynnerton answered

What are the dependencies in spring-boot to implement CRUD operations on a DSE 6.7 Classic Graph?

we have 6.7 classic engine and trying to use cql session for CRUD operations. What would be better design to use existing graph (classic engine) and implement CQL queries as well as graphQL queries in Springboot applicaiton. Eventually we may migrate to 6.8 but not now.

What are dependencies in springboot to implement CRUD operations?

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1 Answer

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bettina.swynnerton answered

Hi @swami03,

sorry for the late response.

Mixing graph queries with spring boot is not something I have done, and I have checked with the wider team here, still waiting for feedback.

For an example project for CRUD operations with spring boot, see here:

The pom should give you the needed dependencies.

You might also find the answer in this following post helpful, it shows how you can mix CQL queries and graph traversal queries in the same app.

Using the latest drivers, for example Datastax Java driver 4.8, this also works with DSE Graph 6.7.

The main difference with DSE Graph 6.8 is that the CQL tables in 6.7 are not so straight forward, especially the edge tables, and querying the graph tables directly via CQL is not something we recommend, especially not for deletes, as this can corrupt your graph.

I hope this provides a starting point, please come back if you need more help.

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