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kevinpaulson1997_191768 asked Erick Ramirez commented

I have not been contacted yet to reschedule my exam

It has been more than a month and still, no one has contacted me for the rescheduling of my certification exam. They promised that they would contact me but they have not contacted me yet. Is this how you will treat who buys certifications from you guys?

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Erick Ramirez answered Erick Ramirez commented

I hear the frustration in your post. Rest assured, we are here to help.

There seems to be a misunderstanding here because we were waiting to hear back from you. In fact, I contacted you last week in #6589 but you never responded. For clarification, you could not sit the exam because you couldn't comply with the exam rules specifically around your laptop/desktop not having a webcam.

Where we left it off, you stated 2 weeks ago that you were not able to purchase a webcam due to the pandemic. I advised that I would organise to reschedule your exam when you have a webcam available and that your computer is compliant.

Again, I contacted you last week to find out if you had a webcam but you didn't respond.

In relation to "buying certifications", I tried to lookup your account but I can't seem to find a record that you paid to sit the exam. I would conclude from this that we gave you a complimentary voucher so you are taking the exam for free. Feel free to correct me if I got this wrong.

Let me know either way and I will organise another complimentary voucher/coupon to be issued to you so you don't have to pay to get the exam rescheduled. We will give you the exam for free. Cheers!

[UPDATE] The Academy team has issued you a complimentary coupon so you can take the exam for free. I will send it to you privately.

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@kevinpaulson1997_191768 I haven't heard back from you still. Do you have a webcam or not?

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Yes, I got a complimentary voucher. But I was pointing out that If someone would actually pay such a huge amount for certification would you treat them the same way? And about you contacting me I had waited for so long and I never heard from you guys so I messaged here in the community and I could not even spot your answer because the size of the text is so small and also I did not receive any email as I usually do. And regarding the rules, they are not framed properly and it is nowhere mentioned that I cannot use my mobile camera as a webcam explicitly, and when I asked the proctorU representative she said it was okay. Either way, thank you for the coupon code and also don't keep someone waiting for this long if he or she really buys this certification and ends up with problems like this, and please frame the rules properly. Thank you.

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You are welcome.

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