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danbk99_179482 asked Erick Ramirez edited

Getting "404 not found" when running

In Week 4 of the workshop. When running the initial Python file , when I click on the 'open browser ' button after running the initial 'Getting-started ...'.py file , I get the 'not found ' error.

You are given a url https://5000-your id-your region that you are supposed to put in somewhere (this is given in between the 'open gitpd'

button and a picture o the gitpod screen. Not sure why its' been put there.) Am i supposed to put this in the browswer address window ?

( I did and get a 'websockets blocked' message.)

Am I supposed to hard code this into the .py file? .. Like where "host=0.0.." It's not clear ..

IN any case when I get to open browser I get not found.

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David Jones-Gilardi answered Erick Ramirez edited

Hi there @danbk99_179482. I think you are referring to somewhere around section 2.2.2 of the python back-end exercise here -> within the "Starting the Flask application procedure" topic. If that is the case please notice the following image from that section:

If you attempt to navigate directly to the generated URL you will see the 404 and that is expected as per the instructions. Admittedly, this just looks like a regular error and could be a little clearer. The key here is that your back-end is up and running and you should see a message generated from the terminal where you ran "python" any time you make a request to that URL.

Once you reach this point your back-end is setup. Move to the front-end UI section lower down on the page here -> This is where you use the URL you generated from the earlier section "https://5000-your id-your region".

Follow the instructions in this section to save your URL along with "/api" to a local .env file. This will create the needed reference to your back-end API.

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Thanks , appreciated.

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