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when i run any job through LCM am getting error due to python meld.pyz

Meld launch is taking too long - giving up. name="*********-po-a3d.sys.**" ssh-management-address="**.191.**.***" node-id="5d3ccfaf-288b-4013-8020-4131999c8aa2" node-name="******-po-a3d.sys.****.net-1" job-id="807a1935-b638-414c-ae53-72493f047a07" stdout="" stderr=""

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Hi there, I work on the software engineering team for LCM. It's hard to tell what's going on just from that short description, but some thoughts that might help:

  1. You're using a relatively old version of OpsCenter. OpsCenter 6.7.x doesn't use meld.pyz anymore. I recommend that you upgrade as soon as you're able. Newer releases have a long list of bugfixes and improvements.
  2. I have a recollection that in older versions of OpsCenter it was possible for sudo prompts to get stuck without a very helpful error message. I believe this is fixed in modern versions of OpsCenter, but you might want to check your ssh-credentials and make sure that your su/sudo settings are as they should be for your environment.
  3. There is some trace-level logging around privilege escalation that might help you diagnose what's going on. If you search in your browser for "lcm" on this page, you'll see a line you can use to set the logging level of the LCM component. Set that to "TRACE" and rerun your failing job. You may find additional context in opscenterd.log.
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