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How do I implement TRIGGERs in DSE 6.x?

In documentation see below details for DSE 6.x.x

The o.a.c.triggers.ITrigger the interface was modified from augment to augmentNonBlocking for non-blocking internal architecture. Updated trigger implementations must be provided on upgraded nodes. If unsure, drop all existing triggers before upgrading to DataStax Enterprise (DSE) 6.0. Because a rewrite of this interface is required in DSE 6.0, DataStax can help you find a solution.

I'm looking to modify my code to comply above, however, could not able to find the jar which is having the interface having renamed method augmentNonBlocking

right now I'm using below dependency for this interface:


still having an augment method in the code, any input will help.

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You will need to engage with our Services team to do custom implementations. If your company has a paid subscription that is still valid, let me know your company name and I can reach out to the Services team to get in touch with your Account team to discuss the details. Cheers!

[EDIT] I'm noting here that I guess this is your follow-up question to why your custom trigger isn't getting executed (question #6881). I've also previously responded to your other post with a possible solution but you haven't provided enough actionable information for us to provide a meaningful response since we just don't have any details as to what you've implemented and how you configured it.

If you provide the info I requested in your other post, I'd be happy to assist you in getting it to work. :)

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