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Results for exam taken on July 20 not available


I've sat the Administrator exam on Monday(20th) and it was mentioned that the results will come in less than 24h.

So far no results.

I tried filing a general ticket via the Academy website, it didn't seem like it created a ticket.

I tried creating a website issue ticket via the website and it did create a ticket to which nobody answerd(2479) although it was mentioned that someone will reply within a business day(next day if it's evening Pacific time).

I asked in the channel of the developer workshop if anyone can help and I was told that I will be receiving an answer by the end of the day. Nothing happened.

I asked again and I was told to send an email to and so I did . Nobody replied.

In the old site, in the activity, I was seeing the exam. In the new one, I'm no longer seeing it. It feels like it dissapeared.

This is beginning to be quite dissapointing as I have no idea what is going on.

Since people are taking the time and maybe even time off from work to study, taking time to cleanup the exam area to be in line with the proctor rules, accepting invasive proctors on the computer ( for me it was even scarier because when he had to reload their site a few times, for a brief second, my investment account token was visible in the bar and I couldn't change it until my exam was done ) then going through an actual exam which could turn out either way, I feel it's not the best experience to not fully focus on providing the exam results to provide closure.

I feel like the overall exam experience has been ruined.
The happiness in getting a pass has mostly turned to frustration and the unhappiness in getting a fail will probably add to the frustration because, for both cases, for the past 4 days, even in the middle of the night I woke up to check my phone for an email and the website for closure. Any exam has a psychological toll and should be treated with the highest priority in my eyes.

I've been a fan of the Datastax company, events, products and community for a long time and it's hard to change this but I could really use some help in getting closure on this. And, reading the forums, many others.

Thank you.


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I'm very sorry to hear about your experience. We are very sympathetic with what has happened to you and I don't blame you for feeling the way you do.

We are moving to a new Cassandra Certification process so some information is unavailable at the DataStax Academy until the new system is in place.

I don't have admin access to Academy since I'm not part of the team who are based in San Francisco but I will get up early in the morning (I am based in Australia) to speak to them directly and see if we can at least tell you whether you passed or not.

Unfortunately because of the migration, you won't be able to see details on the site until the new system comes online sometime in August. In any case, expect to hear back from myself or @bettina.swynnerton sometime tomorrow (it's also Friday for me). You will hear from one of us regardless of whether we have a favourable answer or otherwise.

Thanks for sticking with us. Cheers!

[UPDATE] Alex, I got confirmation that you passed the exam. Here is the link to your certificate. Congratulations!

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Thank you, Erick!

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Thank you for the great help, Erick.

It shows the great attention to detail and consideration I've always known Datastax for.



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