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mohdnazeem1 asked Erick Ramirez edited

What impact do repairs and compactions have on DSE Search indexes?

Hello, we are using DSE Search workload with Search and Cass running on same nodes/jvm.

1. When repairs are run on tables with solr indexes, does it initiate rebuilds of solr indexes all the time? or does it rebuild only if any data is repaired and sstables are changed?

2. How about the compactions, does it trigger any search indexes rebuilds? I guess not, since data is not getting changed, but not sure. Or maybe when it cleans tombstones, how does solr handles deleted data?

4. Is it generally a good idea to run both Cass and Search on same node/JVM? Any potential issues which could arise from such a setup or thats a good way to setup since data is colocated on the same nodes.

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1 Answer

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Erick Ramirez answered mohdnazeem1 commented

@mohdnazeem1 --

  1. A replica which receives "new" partitions from a repair stream will automatically index the new data.
  2. No, compactions do not trigger a reindex. Expired Solr documents get GCs by a Solr TTL cleaner thread.
  3. N/A - There is no question 3. :)
  4. There's no other way of doing it. In DSE, all nodes are Cassandra nodes. The only difference would be whether they are running in Analytics (has Spark components) or Search (has Solr components) mode. Similarly for Graph models, all nodes need to have Graph enabled on top of Cassandra. Cheers!
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Thanks Erick.

2. When the Solr TTL cleaner thread removes expired docs, is there a compaction equivalent process which runs in Solr as well?

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