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What is the maximum number of vertices retrieved in a Graph query?

What is the maximum number of records that are retrieved in a graph query?

For eg.


How many vertices data will be retrieved? What is the limit?

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I am assuming that you are using DSE Graph 6.8.

Under the hood, the query g.V().hasLabel("Acc") will execute as follows:

SELECT * FROM graphname.Acc

I am not aware of a hard limit with this type of query.

However, there are limits that apply to query execution time, and I would expect that you would run into the default limit for the real-time evaluation timeout with large tables, by default 30 seconds.

The question here is what you want to achieve with reading the entire vertex table. DSEGraphFrames with Spark might be a better alternative for operations where you want to read the entire table.

Would you update your question with more context?

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Thanks for your response.

In our use case we have a thousands of different vertices which will be retrieved in a single transaction. So, we need to know what is the limit on data returning in a single transaction.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi @bharat.asnani_190772,

I am not sure I understand your requirement here.

However, as explained in a previous answer:

Cassandra as the underpinning database has no concept for transactions, which means that also Tinkerpop transactions do not provide the kind of ACID guarantee that you are hoping for.

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