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a.gheshlaghy_177282 asked Erick Ramirez edited

How do I re-use an existing LCM configuration profile for a new cluster?


since cluster name after creation is immutable, Is there any workaround not to repeat configuring all nodes(clone it)?
is the configuration for nodes persisted into sqlite database(lcm.db)?

lifecycle manager
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Erick Ramirez answered Erick Ramirez edited

There wasn't enough information in your original question so I'm assuming you want to create a new cluster (I've updated the question title accordingly) using Lifecycle Manager (LCM).

Have you considered cloning an existing configuration profile? After you've cloned another cluster's profile, you can use it to build a new cluster without affecting the existing cluster.

Details of the cloning process are in Cloning a configuration profile. If you're interested, the equivalent API documentation is available in LCM Configuration Profile API. Cheers!

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so i defined 10nodes in cluster "X" then i want to change cluster name from "X" to "Y", LCM does not allow it. in LCM,i have to delete previous cluster "X", stop all nodes,clean data,define another cluster with name set to "Y" and define dc and nodes in it.
the workaround i used is:

deleted all data/commitlogs, changed cluster_name in from "X" to "Y" in cassandra.yaml file, initiated seed nodes and then non-seed nodes then configured datastax-agent and imported cluster "Y" in LCM.

So is there a way not to redefine nodes again in cluster "Y" in LCM without having to manually initiating cluster and then importing into it?

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It is not possible to change a Cassandra cluster's name once it is operational. This is not an LCM rule. It's a Cassandra requirement.

Just to be clear in case you're wondering, there is no workaround. It is not a supported operation in Cassandra so there is no way to do it with LCM. Cheers!

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