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Is Anthos Service Mesh and Istio supported with the cass-operator?

We are large consumer of DataStax and we are planning to deploy DSE6.8 Operator in our on-prem Anthos GKE cluster ( Single Tenant for each applications and application will be running outside of the Kubernetes cluster hosting Cassandra)

Also Anthos Service Mesh which implements Istio Ingress Gateway for exposing services, can you provide some inputs on whether DSE is supporting Service Mesh and also Istio Ingress gateway ?

Istio supports Stateful sets services with the version we have and we are also trying to understand from Google how it can help us to expose stateful sets outside the Anthos cluster parallel.

* If Service Mesh or Istio Ingress is not supported, what is the alternate to expose the services, is nodeport or any other service type recommended ?

any inputs and reference will help us to progress with our POC

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The authors of the DSE/Cassandra operator are working on providing a more "official" guidance about external access to the Kubernetes cluster but at this point, it doesn't involve service meshes (though that may change over time). Istio is on the roadmap but we are not in a position to provide any timeline at this stage.

If you're still in the design phase of your implementation, have a look at the NodePort service in particular and Kubernetes Ingress. You might also be interested in this blog post from Aleš Nosek for reference -- Accessing Kubernetes Pods from Outside of the Cluster.

As a final note, the operator is a technology preview and (at the time of writing) is not yet recommended for production use. Cheers!

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