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Error while starting the node, "nodetool: Failed to connect to ''"

Error while starting the node .

nodetool: Failed to connect to '' - ConnectException: 'Connection refused'

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would you give us a more context how you are running into this issue?

There could be a number of reason why you are seeing this. For example, the node could be down or not yet fully started, as nodetool won't connect until the node is fully started.

Are you experimenting with a virtual machine from one of the Academy courses?

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[Follow up comment posted as new question #6287]

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Hi @preethikoluvaiya23_193353,

you are facing this problem, because you run nodetool from the node1 folder, for node1. The connection is refused, because node1 is not running. You can see this from the status output that you obtained on node2.

I am not sure where you are in the exercises and what brought you to this situation that node2 is up, but not node1. To bring up both nodes, I would go back to the ring exercises (exercise 7). Delete the node1 and node2 folders and start again, follow the instructions in the exercise sheet.

Also, have a look at the answer in this post, it explains how nodetool is set up to work with several nodes on the single VM.

Let us know if you need more help to get this going.

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There isn't enough information in your post but if you're having issues with the VM for the Data Modeling course (DS220) at DataStax Academy, it's a known issue which you should be able to diagnose yourself :) if you've completed the Cassandra Foundations course (DS201) and possibly the Cassandra Operations course (DS210).


DSE does not start in the VM since it's configured in cassandra.yaml to run on an IP which is not available on your PC/laptop:

          - seeds: ""


Reconfigure /etc/dse/cassandra/cassandra.yaml on your VM.

STEP 1 - Set the seeds list to use the loopback IP:

          - seeds: ""

STEP 2 - Set the listen_address to localhost:

listen_address: localhost

STEP 3 - Save the changes to cassandra.yaml.

STEP 4 - Start DSE on the VM:

$ sudo service dse start

If your question isn't related to the DS220 VM, feel free to update your original question with the details and I'd be happy to amend my answers. Cheers!

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