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What is the procedure to move the "OpsCenter" keyspace to a separate storage cluster?


I'd would like to move all my statistics to another cluster since the data of it it's more than the data of my clients, but I didn’t find a way to do it, is it possible ?

I don't see how I can have a cluster and have my "OpsCenter" be only there and not in my data nodes.


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Hi @igor.rmarinho_185445

yes, this can be done, you can configure a separate storage cluster for metrics.

Let me refer you to the detailed documentation about how to set up the storage cluster.

Here is the link for OpsCenter version 6.8 (the latest OpsCenter). Similar docs are available for previous versions:

Once the storage cluster is configured and online, you can backup your metrics from your existing OpsCenter keyspace and import them into the storage cluster, see step 6 in the document.

Have a look at the doc and let us know if there are any questions.

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hanks Bettina,

You think separate the statistics from my data would increase the performance of my DB, since it would have less data and less i/o concurrence or would not change much?

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Yes, a separate storage cluster is strongly recommended for production clusters, both for performance and disk space reasons.

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Thanks a lot for all the info. :)
Just one last question.

If I have 3 node cluster should I have 3 nodes cluster to store my statistics?

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