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ramakrishnab_179379 asked Erick Ramirez commented

Unable to run target/scala-2.12/gatling-dse-sims listSims

we are able to run sbt: assembly for gatling-dse-stress

After that, it created the file

sbt:gatling-dse-simcatalog> target/scala-2.12/gatling-dse-sims listSims
[error] Expected key
[error] Not a valid key: scala-2 (similar: scalafmt, scalaHome, scalastyle)
[error] target/scala-2.12/gatling-dse-sims listSims
[error] ^

Please helps how to resolve this one

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1 Answer

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Erick Ramirez answered Erick Ramirez commented

@ramakrishnab_179379 It looks like you're running the gatling-dse-sims application from inside a sbt shell and it won't work. I'm not sure which instructions you're following but you need to run the application from a Linux shell.

Here is what I did on my test server using the instructions on First, I cloned the repository with:

$ git clone

Then I built the app:

$ cd gatling-dse-simcatalog
$ sbt clean assembly

Finally, to list the available simulations:

$ cd target/scala-2.12
$ ./gatling-dse-sims listSims
Available sims:
 - sims.examples.cql.members.InsertMembersSimulation
 - sims.examples.cql.orders.ReadOrderSimulation
 - sims.examples.cql.orders.ReadWriteOrderPercentSimulation
 - sims.examples.cql.orders.WriteOrderSimulation
 - sims.examples.cql.urls.InsertUrlsSimulation
 - sims.examples.graph.ReadSimulation
 - sims.examples.graph.ReadWriteSimulation
 - sims.examples.graph.WriteSimulation
 - sims.examples.solr.accounts.SolrQueryAccountsSimulation
 - sims.examples.solr.accounts.WriteAccountsSimulation

As a side note, Gatling DSE Stress and the simulation catalog are no longer being actively maintained.

We recommend that you instead use the recently-released NoSQLBench -- open-source NoSQL benchmarking software. You can find the NoSQLBench documentation at Cheers!

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Thanks, Erick we are able to execute now.

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Fantastic! Just a reminder that we no longer maintain that tool and that you should use NoSQLBench instead. Cheers!

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