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DataStax Academy migrated to a new learning management system (LMS) in July 2020. We are also moving to a new Cassandra Certification process so there are changes to exam bookings, voucher system and issuing of certificates.

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amit.himani asked Erick Ramirez edited

Certification exam schedule is missing on the Academy exam tab

Hi, I have scheduled exam for today and received multiple confirmation email about scheduling but when I checked today, I can't see exam scheduled on my page.

Here is some screenshot of email confirmation and profile page not showing count-down timer .

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I noticed the same issue with my certification. I had received multiple confirmations from ProctorU about my certification scheduled for today, but it disappeared from my Datastax Academy account.

****Email Content ******

Hello Shantanu Kher!

Thank you for scheduling an exam with ProctorU.

Here are the details of your reservation:

Online Cert Exam: Apache Cassandra 3.x Developer Associate Certification

9:45AM (EDT-0400)

Add to iCal:

You can view and reschedule your reservation by logging to your DataStax Academy account:

Thank you!

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Same thing happens with me, seems DataStax portal has 30th day logic issues with different timezone.

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I have the same problem. I could see it till last night. not sure what happened.

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Same as above - I went one further and confirmed with the ProctorU chat that the exam was still indeed scheduled. At the scheduled time, chat support was able to provide me a link to connect to the exam session. I completed the exam, but the result was not reflected in my account page despite the email telling me so.

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Erick Ramirez answered Erick Ramirez commented

@amit.himani Sorry to hear that you've had issues viewing the schedule but I understand that you have completed your exam and it was just an issue with the Academy site.

For everyone else having issues, the team responsible for Certification is only available Monday to Friday during Pacific time business hours. In addition, it is a public holiday in the US today (Monday) so apologies in advance but they will be delayed in responding to you. Please log a ticket with them by completing the form on with details of your query.

I suggest that if you have not heard from them by Wednesday (Pacific time), feel free to reach out to them again as that is the best way to contact them. Cheers!

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There were some technical issues with ProctorU and the DataStax Academy site in the last week which got finally resolved today. Apologies for the inconvenience but you should now be able to access your exams at the Academy. Cheers!

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