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How do I add an edge between 2 vertices in C#?

I am having trouble adding an edge between two vertices using c# below is my code assuming that both vertices exist:

var fromStatement = @$"g.V().has('tenant_id', '{uom.TenantId}').has('layer', '{_inventoryLayer}').has('uom_id', '{uom.UomId}').as('from')";
var toStatement = $@"g.V().has('tenant_id', '{uom.TenantId}').has('layer', '{_inventoryLayer}').has('uom_id', '{uom.MeasureBy}').as('to')";
var from = await _inventoryGraphContext.DseSession.ExecuteGraphAsync(new SimpleGraphStatement(fromStatement));
var to = await _inventoryGraphContext.DseSession.ExecuteGraphAsync(new SimpleGraphStatement(toStatement));
if (to != null && from !=null)  
    var addEdgeFromTo = @$"{from}.addEdge('is_split_into', '{to}', 'quantity', '{uom.ConversionFactor}')";
    await _inventoryGraphContext.DseSession.ExecuteGraphAsync(new SimpleGraphStatement(addEdgeFromTo));
    var addEdgeToFrom = $@"{to}.addEdge('is_part_of', '{from}')";
    await _inventoryGraphContext.DseSession.ExecuteGraphAsync(new SimpleGraphStatement(addEdgeToFrom));


I keep getting the following error:

Message=No such property: Cassandra for class: Script31

I am using Dse 6.7.7 and CassandraCSharp Driver 3.15

dsegraphcsharp driver
addingedge.txt (1005 B)
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The example that we use to add the edge similar to the example below. (C# driver 3.14.0, Graph extension 2.1.0)

using Cassandra;
using Cassandra.DataStax.Graph;
using Gremlin.Net.Process.Traversal;

IGraphStatement insertStatemnet = new SimpleGraphStatement( "josh.addEdge('created', ripple, 'weight', 1.0f);");

But the following syntax of adding the edge does not look familiar.

var addEdgeFromTo = @$"{from}.addEdge('is_split_into', '{to}', 'quantity', '{uom.ConversionFactor}')";
_inventoryGraphContext.DseSession.ExecuteGraphAsync(new SimpleGraphStatement(addEdgeFromTo));

Would you be able to let me know your DSE version, C# driver version?

Also, a simple graph example would be idea so we can quickly create a test graph.

Thank you!

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Hi! thank you for the reply. I want to steer away from using Gremlin.Net as Datastax no longer supports it. I am using Dse 6.7.7 and CassandraCSharp Driver 3.15

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Hi Scano, apologize that the Gremlin.Net import statement might confused you. It is not required in this case instead of specifically used for works for fluent API.

You can use what Bettina gave below as a reference.

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I am no C# expert, but you can add an edge by constructing your SimpleGraphStatement using the addE() method from the traversal API:

here is an example, adding an edge of label "know" with a property "weight" between two vertices of label "person":

var fromVertexStatement =  "g.V().has('person', 'person_id', 'person1')";

var toVertexStatement = "g.V().has('person', 'person_id', 'person3')";

var addEdge = $"{fromVertexStatement}.addE('knows').property('weight', 1.0).to({toVertexStatement})";

session.ExecuteGraph(new SimpleGraphStatement(addEdge));

For reference about the method:

Hope this helps!

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