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bb.addagada_90355 asked bb.addagada_90355 commented

What could be the cause of TransportException?

Hi ,

We are observing below error from java driver, while executing solr queries on solr dc.

Connection has been closed|| [X.X.X.X:9042] Connection has been closed; nested exception is com.datastax.driver.core.exceptions.TransportException: [X.X.X.X:9042] Connection has been closed
    at org.springframework.cassandra.core.CqlTemplate.potentiallyConvertRuntimeException(
    at org.springframework.cassandra.core.CqlTemplate.translateExceptionIfPossible(
    at org.springframework.cassandra.core.CqlTemplate.translateExceptionIfPoss

Envirnoment:- DSE 5.1.16, Java driver version 1.9 , Spring framework

Wanted to know cases where driver throws such kind of expectations?

Any response is much appericated!


Buchi Babu

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1 Answer

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Erick Ramirez answered bb.addagada_90355 commented

@bb.addagada_90355 There's not enough information in your post to determine why the DSE node closed the connection.

You will need to review the logs on the DSE node around the time that the driver logged the error to figure out the cause. For example, if the driver logged CassandraConnectionFailureException at 1pm for node, you need to check the log entries at 1pm for that node to work out why the request failed.

The connection could've been closed for various reasons and you can only work that out by reviewing the logs. Cheers!

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Thanks for your response @Erick Ramirez , unfortunately we examined the logs but couldn't find anything interesting.


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