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aravinth_chakravarthyr_173918 asked Erick Ramirez edited

What could cause "ConnectionShutdown('Connection to remoteip was closed')"?


we are trying to connect to a remote host with cqlsh with the following command

cqlsh remotehostip remotehostport -u username

we are getting the following error

Connection error: ('Unable to connect to any servers', {'remoteip': ConnectionShutdown('Connection to remoteip was closed',)})

Telnet of hostname and port number ( remote host )is working fine from my local machine

Can you please help us to resolve this issue . what would be the cause for issue?

NOTE:I have a doubt if we have ssl enabled in that cluster and if we are not passing them with cqlsh command , do we get the above error for that

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1) Make sure the service is running:

$ ps aux | grep cassandra

2) Make sure you are using the correct IP by checking the server config:

$ run this command on the cassandra node:


3) Ensure you can connect to that IP from the server you are on:

$ ssh

4) Check the node's status and also confirm it shows the same IP:

$nodetool status

5) run the command to connect with the IP (only specify port if you are not using the default):

$ cqlsh

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1 Answer

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Erick Ramirez answered

@aravinth_chakravarthyr_173918 The error you posted is unfortunately too generic to speculate on what the problem is. If re-run the command with the --debug flag, it would generate additional information that would hopefully give us clues.

We recommend doing an isolation test by running the same command locally on the node itself:

  • If it's working -- we know that it's some network connectivity between your laptop/PC and the node.
  • If it's not working -- we know that it's a problem with either the IP address or port you're trying to connect to.

Also when you attempt to connect again, check the logs on the node to see what warnings/errors/debug messages get logged which will also give you clues. Cheers!

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