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Does DataStax Enterprise on Kubernetes support OpenEBS storage or Portworx?

Do DataStax support Mayadata OpenEBS based deployment or Portworx based deployment in Kubernetes? Also when Kubernetes operator will be available in GA and also does it support Multi region deployment of Cassandra across Datacenter using Kubernetes ? do we have any reference documents?

EDIT: I am working on to develop a hybrid cloud based deployment of cassandra to support our internal client needs, as part of initial deployment we are building a GKE on prem cluster in 2 different datacenter and trying to come up with a architecture that may support the data replication capability across DC to support Cassandra data sync between GKE clusters, Since Cassandra Container deployments are pretty new , don't know how we are going to achieve this in Multi Datacenter environments as well as hybrid cloud. If i get some recommendations that would help our planning, when we looked at some storage based solution Mayadata and Portworx has DR capabilities which enable the replication across multiple regions. Since their website mention Cassandra as one of their key database supported , i thought of checking here to understand whether there is a reference architecture available for this scenario.

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For storage, the operator provisioned persistent volume claims and volumes from user definable storage class. If you can configure a storageclass in your k8s cluster for Mayadata OpenEBS, it should work as expected. I don't expect we'll certify Mayadata directly unless it's the default storageclass of a fairly major k8s distribution, but I would imagine it will work fine.

Can you describe in more detail what a "Portworx based deployment" is? If it can be exposed as a storageclass, we can provision volumes from it. Is there specific integration you're looking for?

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@jayachandran.radhakrishnan1_183130 The DSE operator for Kubernetes is just a Labs feature for now available for early adopters to play with and test. It may well work with OpenEBS and Portworx storage but we have not had the chance to test all sorts of storage configurations. Cheers!

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Thanks Mike and Erick for quick response.

Erick : I still would like to understand ETA for Operator GA

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We're not in a position to share that level of detail since it's still a Labs feature. Having said that, we are aware there's a huge interest so we're busily working towards releasing it for general availability. Cheers!

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