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scano_183208 asked Erick Ramirez edited

How do you configure alwaysonSQL?

I have been having trouble accessing Spark SQL via the studio UI interface. I have always on sql running in all of the nodes yet I am still unable to connect via studio. When checking the status on the nodes it says alwayson sql is running on a private IP.

How do I change the IP always on-sql is running on?

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1 Answer

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Erick Ramirez answered Erick Ramirez edited

@scano_183208 The AlwaysOn SQL Service (AOSS) binds to the native transport address in cassandra.yaml so if AOSS is running on the private IP, it indicates that the native transport is unset and defaults to the same IP as the listen_address.

Set native_transport_address to the public IP on each node in cassandra.yaml to make it accessible to clients. For more information, see Using AlwaysOn SQL service. Cheers!

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@Erick Ramirez

Thank you Erick! I changed all of the nodes native transport address to the public IP while the listen address is the private IP and I am still unable to connect to the AOSS service via studio.

I am also running DSE studio on my local computer while the DSE node is located in a vm with its own addresses.

Any other ideas?

thanks in advance!

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@scano_183208 it sounds like you have a NATing issue. If you can't telnet to the AOSS port (default 10000) from your PC/laptop then it's not a software issue and you need to resolve the network connectivity problem. Cheers!

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@Erick Ramirez

thanks Erick! Quick question, when using telnet, do I telnet using my local computers command prompt? Also do I Telnet to the nodes publicIP:10000? Or just :10000?

thank you!

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@scano_183208 if AOSS is bound to the public IP then yes, you telnet to it. Cheers!

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@Erick Ramirez

Hi Erick,

Sorry for all the back and forth but when AOSS is bound to the public IP that means that the native transport address is the public, correct?

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Also currently my Cassandra.yaml file has the native transport address set to public and the listen and native transport broadcast address set to private. Then I do a AOSS status and it return that the service is running on the private IP port 10000. Is this what I should see? When I attempt to make the listen address public it does not allow me. Throws a binding error.

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Don't set native_transport_broadcast_address to a private IP or AOSS will be bound to the private IP.

ONLY set the following in cassandra.yaml:

  • listen_address: public_ip
  • native_transport_address: private_ip

You can check what IP port 10000 is bound to with the following command:

$ sudo lsof -nPi | grep LISTEN | grep java

Good luck! Cheers!

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@Erick Ramirez Thank you so much! After making the native_transport_address the public IP and making some changes to the network, Spark SQL finally worked via DSE Studio.

Happy new years! Thanks again!

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