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e.soden_181905 asked satvantsingh_190085 commented

Agent execute iostat command with wrong arguments


I have just install DataStax in Suse Linux Enterprise server 12. All is running fine but I see that in the agent log, I have the following error

ERROR [clojure-agent-send-off-pool-1] 2019-11-29 17:09:40,662 iostat failed on execute; returning default value - Process failed: iostat -x -s -d -m 60 2 Exit val: 1 Output: Usage: iostat [ options ] [ [ ] ] Options are: [ -c ] [ -d ] [ -h ] [ -k | -m ] [ -N ] [ -t ] [ -V ] [ -x ] [ -y ] [ -z ] [ -j { ID | LABEL | PATH | UUID | ... } ] [ [ -T ] -g ] [ -p [ [,...] | ALL ] ] [ [...] | ALL ]

How to correct this? in fact the right command should be iostat -x -d -m 60 2



datastax agent
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1 Answer

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Erick Ramirez answered satvantsingh_190085 commented

@e.soden_181905 there was an issue with the way agents were parsing iostat outputs on Linux machines with a newer version of the SYSSTAT package where the -s flag was added. The metrics still get collected and it is safe to ignore the errors. As a workaround, you can upgrade to a newer version of SYSSTAT to stop the errors from being reported in the logs.

The issue will be fixed in the next release of OpsCenter (internal ID OPSC-16181). Cheers!

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This answer comes quite high in search engines when looking for iostat and agent so just adding for visibility that this was fixed in OpsCenter 6.7.7 as shown here

> Fixed errors showing up in the agent.log when iostat does not support -s option. (OPSC-16181)

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@Erick Ramirez : I'm getting error ERROR [os-metrics-3] 2020-08-28 03:03:05,930Z Long os-stats collector failed .Unable to get root cause for this error.

Background :

Earlier I was getting error "iostat failed on execute; returning default value - Cannot run program "iostat": error=2, No such file or directory" so to resolve that I have installed "sysstat" package . Now gettig Long os-stats collecter failed.

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