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spark job writing parquet to dsefs with multiple cores - risk of data loss with underlying hadoop?

under dse 6.0.5, we execute operational intelligence spark jobs in batch mode which write parquet files to dsefs. the team discovered during testing that they experienced inconsistent data loss on the output. The remedy involved reducing the # of cores per executor to 5, which they indicated was a common prescription from hadoop.

Is this a recognized issue with the DSE flavor of hadoop, where it is documented and/or corrected after 6.0.5? We will go to 6.0.8 in January, followed shortly thereafter by 6.7.4. The 5 cores per executor severely cut into the level of parallelism that the spark job submission can achieve.

Looking at the event timeline for large stages, it is clear that the job would benefit from additional cores, but not at the risk of data loss due to a limitation with hadoop.

--total-executor-cores 36 --executor-cores 5 --num-executors 11

The team hardcodes the conf parms above to keep the #cores to 5, based upon the hadoop 'limitation'.

As far as 11 executors and 36 total cores, spark (dynamic allocation=false) never actually uses 11 executors because 36/total and 5 per executor only allow 7 executors which use a total of 35 cores. Is it just a matter of increasing the --num-executors and --total-executor-cores (5 * --num-executors)? How is the rest of the community dealing with the hadoop issue when writing to dsefs?

found this blog post from 2013 -

is there a more updated artifact that provides hadoop tuning info on a dse analytics cluster?

Dug deeper and found narratives directing users to increase the hadoop


parameter from the default 64MB. In our Spark UI environment page, I see spark.hadoop.fs.s3n.multipart.uploads.block.size set at 64MB ... is this the parameter we need to bump up to 256MB to address the hadoop limitations? We want to increase the parallelism + cores, but do not want to risk data loss.

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While I know of a concurrency related bug in DSE 6.0.2 it is fixed in 6.0.3. Other than this we have no active issues showing any data loss bugs. Do you have any more details on how the error presents itself? I am especially confused since 5 is still a bit of concurrency so it doesn't sound like it's especially racey.

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DSE 6.0.2 supports spark, hadoop related setting doesn't apply here most of the time.

As for "# of cores per executor to 5", it's more like to reduce parallel accessing to FS. I/O is the bottle neck, If there are too many random I/O access to FS parallel, it actually reduces the performance.

--total-executor-cores sets the max number of cores for all executor, it can be used to limit the max cores used by the job. then set --executor-cores, spark cluster automatically create the # of executors. Don't need to set --num-executors if --total-executor-cores and --executor-cores, are set

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