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dickescheid asked Erick Ramirez edited

What is the location of the LCM database in the OpsCenter Docker image?

Hi DataStax Community,

I am running Opscenter in a docker container and have set up and managed a dse development cluster with it. I have mounted the volume:


in the hopes it would persist my configurations.

I have now updated the docker image to a newer version, and found out that the LCM configurations did not persist. I re-added the cluster to the Lifecycle Manager, sadly the config-profile was not taken over (which is stated in the documentation as I found out later).

Is there a way to export the config-profile from the old image (I took a backup of the old image just in case), and import it into the new docker image?

I was not able to find the path where the config-profiles are stored.

The only volume created by docker under `/var/lib/docker/volumes/` is `/var/lib/opscenter` and it only contains the directory `ssl` (both in the new and in the old containers).

opscenterdockerlifecycle manager
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1 Answer

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dickescheid answered dickescheid edited

I found it!

it is stored in: `/opt/opscenter/lcm.db`

In case someone needs it, I copied out the file with:

docker cp containername:/opt/opscenter/lcm.db /local/location/lcm.db

and mount it into the docker container. Example docker-compose.yaml:

version: '3'
    image: "datastax/dse-opscenter:6.8.18"
      - 8888
      - 8443:8443
      - 50031:50031
      - 61620:61620
      - DS_LICENSE=accept
    restart: always
        - /opt/opscenter/conf:/opt/opscenter/conf
        - /opt/opscenter/lcm.db:/opt/opscenter/lcm.db
        - /opt/opscenter/passwd.db:/opt/opscenter/passwd.db
        - /opt/ssl/certificate/location:/var/lib/opscenter/ssl/

and make sure the file access rights are set so that the docker user can read and write.

  • User: Opscenter
  • UID: 998
  • GID: 998
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