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lrsundar asked Erick Ramirez answered

Why is SASI not supported for production use?

While SASI has been supported since 3.5, why is this warning still showing up?
DataStax does not support SASI indexes for production.

What is the main reason for not supporting, considering the benefits it bring in? (ex: RDBMS like querying).

Does datastax not support SASI for dse as well for oss?

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1 Answer

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Erick Ramirez answered

SASI is not supported because it is considered experimental.

It is not just a case of DataStax not providing support for it -- the feature is not being actively developed and the Cassandra community does not recommend it for production use. Here is the official entry in the Apache Cassandra NEWS.txt:

Experimental features
    - An 'enable_sasi_indexes' flag, true by default, has been added to cassandra.yaml to allow operators to prevent
      the creation of new SASI indexes, which are considered experimental and are not recommended for production use.
    - The flags 'enable_sasi_indexes' and 'enable_materialized_views' have been grouped under an experimental features
      section in cassandra.yaml.

There are several known issues with SASI and since there are no fixes available, the feature is now disabled by default in open-source Cassandra (from NEWS.txt):

    - The flags 'enable_materialized_views' and 'enable_sasi_indexes' in cassandra.yaml
      have been set as false by default. Operators should modify them to allow the
      creation of new views and SASI indexes, the existing ones will continue working.
      See CASSANDRA-14866 for details.

For these reasons, SASI is not supported in DSE either. Cheers!

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