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mjcarey_178232 asked Erick Ramirez commented

Is the data for the KillrVideo examples available somewhere?

Q: Is the data for the KilrVideo examples in some of the online DSE courses available for uploading into Astra from somewhere? I'd like to be able to play with that data in the cloud.

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Erick Ramirez answered Erick Ramirez commented

Yes. The KillrVideo demo is in fact deployed and running on

If you click on the upper-right section of the site, you'll see the links to the documentation and code:

where you can find the KillrVideo Sample Data Generator. Cheers!

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Ah - I hadn't found the online demo but I had found the other resources - but they are all docker-based (and didn't work for me on first try, perhaps because I'm a Docker novice). When I tried the docker version on my Mac, all the installation instructions worked like a charm, but the web app wasn't able to talk to the rest of the architecture, it seemed - it got stalled in "loading" mode when I tried to talk to it from a browser.

QUESTION: Is there an Astra-based (not Docker-based) version of KilrVideo? I would love to use it as a demo in a class I'm teaching - and to be able to do a series of CQL queries to show, like you all do in your data modeling materials, what you can and can't ask (without allowing the inadvisable filtering) based on the various tables' keys.

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Quick answer is no, we don't.

Instead, we've heavily invested in hands-on, interactive tutorials based on Katacoda which allows us to deliver training in a single browser tab that doesn't require students to have to install/configure a cluster to learn.

If you haven't already seen it, we have a lot of self-contained learning modules deployed on There's a specific module for Cassandra Data Modeling here. Cheers!

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I went through all of those; they are indeed awesome! I did the "heavier" courses 1.5 years ago; those were a terrific way of getting back up to speed before I teach my class again. I really liked them. My KilrVideo wish is that I have some year-old examples that I liked a lot, based on KilrVideo, and it would just be cool if I could run those in the Astra cloud. (Rather than switching schemas for my examples.) For those who've done the heavier KilrVideo-related courses "on prem" (in VMs), it would just be a nice-to-have if one could also do a few-click install of its tables and data on Astra to play with to further one's education. Meanwhile, Kudos to the folks who did the Katacoda stuff.

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