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Not able to find my certificate

I passed the test to certify me as Cassandra Developer on Jun 2020. I can't see my certificates in the new academy website. Where can I find my certificates ?

Please help me as soon as possible. It is very urgent .

Thanks in Advance


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DataStax Academy migrated to a new Certification system on the 1st of August 2020.

The old certificates and exam results are not compatible with the new platform so they will not be viewable in the new Academy site.

Instead, the certificates were emailed to all students who have successfully passed the certification.

I am unable to find any record of you passing the Developer certification in the old system. Please email the Academy team instead as they will be able to help you. Cheers!

[UPDATE] We do not issue certificates for completing the courses at DataStax Academy. You will only be issued a certificate if you sit and pass the proctored exams for either the Developer Certification or Administrator Certification. For details, see the DataStax Certifications page. Cheers!

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Dear Eric,

I already sent a mail, but didnt get response. I have added transcript in the mail and attaching here also Print Transcript _ Datastax AbsorbLMS.pdf

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You don't qualify for a certificate. I've updated my answer with the details. Cheers!

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