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DataStax Community Guidelines

We want to ensure that everyone who engages with DataStax Community, whether as a viewer or as a contributor, from the public to member, has a positive experience.

All the members of DataStax Community have to adhere to these community guidelines.

As members, remember that everything you post on DataStax Community will be available publicly. So here are 3 simple guidelines:

Be a Helper - This is your opportunity to showcase your expertise. See a question you have the answer to, please answer it, share your knowledge. Be ready to collaborate with others.

Be Respectful - We all are different, with different levels of expertise. DataStax Community is a safe place for anyone to ask questions about Apache Cassandra or DataStax products, and we should treat each other with respect. We are all in this together.

Be Professional - DataStax Community is an opportunity for anyone to share their expertise in a public forum and gain potentially a lot of visibility. Always focus on the topic discussed, provide valuable and concise information.

The DataStax Community team will have a zero-tolerance policy for any personal attacks, threats, abuse, profanity, spamming, advertising or trolling.

We also ask members to you avoid sharing any confidential or personal information.

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