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jordanp98 asked jordanp98 commented

Error log in debug.log "Error updating Partition DecoratedKey"

Hi Team,

I am continuously getting below messages in debug.log but i am not able to understand error can you please help me to understand this

INFO  [GCInspector:1] 2021-01-01 17:50:39,614 - Buffer pool size for cached reads: 9.973GiB, for direct reads: 8.000MiB
INFO  [GCInspector:1] 2021-01-01 17:50:39,614 - Cached reads buffer pool BufferPool for long lived buffers: Size-tiered from 4.000KiB to 4.000KiB buffers, using 1024 buffers per slab.
Sub pools:
Buffer size 4.000KiB: 5.820GiB used, 5.820GiB allocated, 1490 slabs.
Overflow: 4.153GiB
ERROR [CoreThread-0] 2021-01-01 17:50:40,054 - Error updating Partition DecoratedKey(-3206181854745808265, 7961676e615f61706163)
java.lang.AssertionError: null
    at org.apache.cassandra.utils.memory.MemtablePool$SubPool.allocated(
    at org.apache.cassandra.utils.memory.MemtableAllocator$SubAllocator.allocated(
    at org.apache.cassandra.utils.memory.SlabAllocator.allocate(
    at org.apache.cassandra.utils.memory.ContextAllocator.allocate(
    at org.apache.cassandra.utils.memory.AbstractAllocator.clone(
    at org.apache.cassandra.db.Clustering.copy(
    at org.apache.cassandra.utils.memory.AbstractAllocator$CloningRowBuilder.newRow(
    at org.apache.cassandra.db.rows.Rows.merge(
    at org.apache.cassandra.db.partitions.AtomicBTreePartition$RowUpdater.apply(
    at org.apache.cassandra.db.partitions.AtomicBTreePartition$RowUpdater.apply(
    at org.apache.cassandra.utils.btree.NodeBuilder.update(
    at org.apache.cassandra.utils.btree.TreeBuilder.update(
    at org.apache.cassandra.utils.btree.BTree.update(
    at org.apache.cassandra.db.partitions.AtomicBTreePartition.addAllWithSizeDelta(
    at org.apache.cassandra.db.Memtable.lambda$put$1(
    at org.apache.cassandra.utils.memory.MemtableAllocator$1$1WhenBelowLimits.subscribeChild(
    at org.apache.cassandra.concurrent.EpollTPCEventLoopGroup$SingleCoreEventLoop.process(
    at org.apache.cassandra.concurrent.EpollTPCEventLoopGroup$SingleCoreEventLoop.processTasks(
    at org.apache.cassandra.concurrent.EpollTPCEventLoopGroup$SingleCoreEventLoop.processTasks(
    at org.apache.cassandra.concurrent.EpollTPCEventLoopGroup$SingleCoreEventLoop.processEvents(
    at org.apache.cassandra.concurrent.EpollTPCEventLoopGroup$
    at io.netty.util.concurrent.SingleThreadEventExecutor$

Thanks Team.

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1 Answer

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Erick Ramirez answered jordanp98 commented

There isn't enough information in your post for us to diagnose the problem.

Please log a ticket with DataStax Support so one of our engineers can assist you directly. Cheers!

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Hi i am using cluster for testing/learning purpose and i don't have any support subscription.

Error updating Partition DecoratedKey(-3206181854745808265, 7961676e615f61706163)

This has been resolved after restating dse service but didnt find any cause of this issue

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As I previously advised, it isn't possible for us to diagnose the problem without analysing your cluster configuration and logs. Cheers!

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jordanp98 avatar image jordanp98 Erick Ramirez ♦♦ ·
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