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Updated column value is reflected with delay

Hi Folks,

Recently i came across issue where updated column value is getting reflected with delay whereas working fine on other keyspace on same environment. I didn't find any kind of crunch or load on server or anything recorded in logs. What could be possible reasons.



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You haven't provided enough information or examples but my suspicion is that you are not writing with strong consistency.

Unless you are writing and reading with a strong consistency of LOCAL_QUORUM particularly if you have slow disks leading to dropped mutations then replicas will not be immediately consistent. Cheers!

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@Erick Ramirez I am writing data with strong consistency Local quorom into my cluster which is 6 node cluster with network topology. Reading is Local one but changed to Local_quorom also but still there delay.Checked there are no pending flush or i/o lags.

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@ritu.kumari1_180415, there is too little information in here to triage this particular situation. What Erick has posted earlier is as close we could get with the provided information. Please post additional details, stack traces, log info to help on this further.

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As Madhavan said, we need more info to be able to assist.

You'll need to provide the table schema, queries plus steps to replicate so we have an understanding of what you're doing. Cheers!

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