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What is the recommended configuration for a cluster with DSE Search?


I want to deploy Cassandra for moderate use app which has 10 gb data in 4 keyspaces 190 tables and 20 solr cores i dont have much data so what should be the cluster topology currently i am planning to create 2 dc i.e dc1=1 seed + 1 node and dc2= 1 solr node can you please guide do i neee to change this to add more node or how can we get good performance and how should be deploy can you guide detail topology which should work for low data size cluster any recommendations for solr node about how much should be ram for solr if we are going to create 20 solr cores

verion of db 6.7.4

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High availability

The recommended minimum for each DC is 3 nodes so in your case where you need two DCs, it will be a minimum of 3 + 3.

With 3 nodes per DC:

  • the cluster can support the recommended replication factor of 3 for each DC,
  • support a strong consistency of LOCAL_QUORUM for both reads and writes, and
  • tolerate an outage to 1 node and still satisfy a strong consistency.

For more info, see Data replication.


In terms of hardware, we recommend machines with 16 cores (vCPUs) with at least 32GB of RAM (64GB preferred for DSE nodes running with Search mode enabled).

For more info, see Capacity planning and hardware selection.

Recommendations for Search

20 Solr cores seems like a lot. As a general rule, we recommend at least 2 physical cores per Solr core so for a machine with 16 virtual CPUs (equivalent to 8 physical cores) the recommended maximum number of Solr cores is 4.

It is possible to have more Solr cores for this type of configuration for low application loads.

For more recommendations when running Solr workloads, see Capacity planning for DSE Search.

If you have any follow up questions, I would recommend logging a ticket with DataStax Support so one of our engineers can assist you directly. Cheers!

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