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Is there a simple way to backup all data in DSE deployed in a Virtual Environment and transfer to another Virtual Environment?

We are moving from Vultr Linux based platforms to Azure Platforms and I wanted to know, if there is a way to transfer all the data present in DSE ( the tables along with values, graph, yaml configs, etc) of the Vultr environment to the Azure VMs that will be used from now on.

Currently we have 3 VMs in vultr -:
1. Seed Node,

2. Non Seed Node,

3. Solr Node.

Is it possible to take backup of the DSE data present in these VMs and upload to the similar 3 VMs in Azure.

Thank you for your time.

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No, there isn't a fool-proof shortcut to what you want unless you have full knowledge of all the things that could go wrong.

The recommended procedure is to:

  1. Provision the compute instances on Azure.
  2. Configure the hardware including provisioning of the premium storage disks.
  3. Install DSE on the servers and configure them.
  4. Clone the application keyspaces to the new cluster.

To clone the app keyspaces, follow one of the procedures below:

For the purposes of this exercise, two clusters have identical configuration when:

  • the cluster topologies are identical -- same number of DCs, same number of nodes in each DC
  • the token assignments are identical -- the assigned tokens for each node in one cluster is a mirror-image of the nodes in another cluster

BOTH the conditions above must be true for the clusters to be considered identical.

As a side note in case you weren't aware, the OpsCenter Cloning feature allows you to achieve this process easily. Cheers!

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