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How I can resume bootstrap if authentication fails?

I am busy replacing a dead node using the "cassandra.replace.address" option in the file.

The initial bootstrap works fine, but one of the streams is aborted with a peer reset/broken pipe. So now I am trying to continue the bootstrap.

The documentation refers to "nodetool bootstrap resume" but when I try this command, I get the following authentication error and am unable to continue.

$ nodetool -u xxxxxx -pw yyyyy bootstrap resume
nodetool: Failed to connect to '' - FailedLoginException: 'Cannot login as server authentication setup is not yet completed'.

What is the correct way to restart a bootstrap resume when Cassandra authentication is enabled.

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It appears that you're running the command while the node hasn't finished initialising yet so you can't login to the node.

If you're not able to resolve that issue, I'd recommend temporarily disabling authentication then restart the node as a workaround. Just remember that you need to enable authentication again after the node has successfully bootstrapped. Cheers!

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Thanks Erick,

Quick follow-up question: Would that require disabling authentication for the entire cluster (multiple nodes across multiple DC's) and restarting all the nodes or just disable authentication for the single replacement node and then restart the bootstrap/replacement from scratch i.e. delete all existing data/logs etc?

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Just for the node that you're bootstrapping so you can run commands locally without having to authenticate.

You shouldn't need to delete anything since you are resuming the bootstrap. Cheers!

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