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ramesh.pallapothu_119946 asked Erick Ramirez commented

How do I sort results of a gremlin query by custom values?

Is it possible to order gremlin query results by custom values like below ?

  .order().by("created_source_id" in ('3531348','4035','1179'))) 

Please let me know if any more details required on this.

Looking for below kind of solution in gremlin

1603998341143.png (20.5 KiB)
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Jeremy Hanna has notified me that he is contact with your directly to assist you with your questions. Cheers!

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1 Answer

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jeromatron answered

I spoke with Ramesh a bit about getting general sorting working which wasn't a problem. The problem is with the custom sorting like in his attached example. That is, dynamically putting some results at the top based on the value of certain fields.

We talked about separate queries and doing an application side join, but that's what they're trying to move away from - they're doing that now.

We also talked about having an extra "sorting" or "preferred" field on the data to promote certain rows. However the sorting has to be dynamic based on the query so that extra field idea wouldn't work.

Having talked to a friend in the TinkerPop community, one thought would be to just execute the different queries within the same traversal and union them together. That way, you still have relatively straightforward logic for each and you're able to execute them server side to get the desired ordering of results. Would that work for you Ramesh?

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