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How to use SetType for PreparedStatement in 'cassandra-driver' (Python)

I have a query that operates on column with type `set<tuple<int,int>>`. I want to make a prepared statement for that query and couldn't seem to find the appropriate data type to pass in when executing the query.

Here's the error that I got: `Expected: <class ', Int32Type))'>`, can I check where I could find that data type? I couldn't seem to pass in `ValueSequence` and I haven't managed to find something useful in `cassandra.query`.

Thank you for your help!

[UPDATE] Here's my table definition:

CREATE TABLE wsupplier.customer_to_item_pairs (
  c_w_id int,
  c_d_id int,
  c_id int,
  i_pairs set<tuple<int,int>>,
  PRIMARY KEY ((c_w_id, c_d_id), c_id)

And below is my prepared statement:

    "UPDATE customer_to_item_pairs "
    "SET i_pairs = i_pairs + ? "
    "WHERE c_w_id = ? AND c_d_id = ? AND c_id = ?"

I tried to perform the following operation:

    [item_pairs, w_id, d_id, c_id]

where `item_pairs` is a set containing tuple of integers.

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If you could provide a snippet of your code, I'd be happy to reach out internally here in DataStax and get you an answer. Cheers!

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Here is an example:

# create TABLE test.test (id int PRIMARY KEY, val set<tuple<int,int>>);
prepared_stmt = session.prepare("insert into test.test (id, val) values (?, ?)")
session.execute(prepared_stmt, [1, {(42, 42)}])

# also valid but less readable:
# session.execute(prepared_stmt, [45, set([tuple([42, 42])])])
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I tried to pass in a set and got this error:

TypeError: Received an argument of invalid type for column "i_pairs". Expected: <class ', Int32Type))'>, Got: <class 'set'>; (required argument is not an integer)

Also, I tried to perform an addition to a set instead of inserting a completely new value.

[Additional info re-posted in question above]

Thanks a lot for your help!

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This is not different than your initial case. You have to pass a set of tuple<int, int>

p = s.prepare("update test.test set val = val + ? where id=?")
s.execute(p, [{(1,1)}, 42])

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