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LCM duplicate cluster profiles

opscenter creates duplicate cluster profiles when opscenter is restarted

example if the cluster name is POC_1 after restart it becomes POC_11

due to this change opscenter cannot pull out the POC_1 cluster details resulting in error like cluster is not configured .

Please provide a solution for this problem

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1 Answer

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This sounds like OPSC-15888, which can result in duplicate OpsCenter clusters being created when install jobs are run. This is fixed in our internal builds and should be publicly released in a 6.7.x patch within a few days.

You can workaround this by running configure jobs instead of install jobs, which is viable if you're modifying configs on an existing DSE cluster without adding nodes.

If you DO need to add new nodes, you'll have to run install jobs and delete the duplicate clusters afterward. The recommended procedure for deletion is:

  1. Ensure that OpsCenter is not in the middle of any long-running operations you don’t want to interrupt, like an almost finished repair or backup.

  2. Stop Opscenter: sudo service opscenterd stop

  3. Delete the extra cluster config files from /etc/opscenter/clusters or the relevant location. For example, if you files named “my_cluster.conf” “my_cluster1.conf” “my_cluster2.conf”, you'll want to delete the copies that have numbers in their filename.

  4. Start opscenter: sudo service opscenterd start
  5. When you refresh the UI opscenter and lcm should only show the single cluster again.

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