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Unable to start DSE 6.8.4 on CentOS 7


I have installed DSE - 6.8.4 on centos 7 but unable to configure due to a lack of proper and detailed documentation.

OS: Centos
Dse Version: 6.8.4 
Installation Location:  /etc/dse/dse-6.8.4

Getting Below error

[root@cassandra-9 bin]# sudo service dse start
/etc/dse/dse-6.8.4/resources/spark/conf/ line 133: /etc/dse/dse-6.8.4/spark/ No such file or directory

Please help to solve.

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It looks like you've misunderstood the installation instructions for DataStax Enterprise and missed the difference between installation types. Allow me to clarify.

RPM installation

If you want to install DSE 6.8.4 on RHEL-based systems using YUM, the detailed steps are documented here. If you're not familiar with Linux:

  • CentOS is a RHEL-based system.
  • YUM is a tool for installing RPM software packages on RHEL/CentOS systems.

If you've installed the DSE RPM package, DSE will run as a service.

To start DSE installed as a package, run:

$ sudo service dse start|stop

For details, see Starting DataStax Enterprise as a service.

Binary tarball installation

If you want full control on where DSE is installed, the detailed steps for installing the binary tarball are documented here.

If you've installed DSE from the tarball, DSE will not run as a service but as a stand-alone process.

To start DSE installed from the tarball, run:

$ cd /path/to/install_location
$ bin/dse cassandra

For details, see Starting DataStax Enterprise as a stand-alone process.


Based on the installation location you provided, it looks like you've installed DSE from the binary tarball but you're attempting to start DSE as a service. You cannot mix the configuration and commands between the two different installation types.

Please have a look at the installation documents above and try again. Cheers!

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Thanks Erick.

Can I use my 5.1.8 configuration by changing some variables or is there is a major change in the latest DSE?

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@ranjeet_ranjee, you should never use old configuration files with newer version of the DSE software. It is always recommended to use the stock version of the configuration files that comes with the desired target version and only apply custom values on top of it. There could be many properties that were disabled/decommissioned/etc., between the old & new versions and one shouldn't reintroduced them which might produce undesirable results if doing so. If in doubt, always use the default values that comes with the newer version to begin with and we could always tune/tweak them later based on needs. Hope that helps!

p/s: We've detailed instructions for properly updating your DSE cluster from 5.1.x to 6.8.latest here on how to setup configuration files. Refer to Step 4.

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