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Unable to create users/super-user

My cluster comprises of 2 DCs. 1st DC has 2 nodes with Graph workload and the 2nd DC has 1 node with Search workload. I have been able to setup Auth and create a superuser on DC1 and everything is working perfectly. But on the DC2 I am able to setup Auth but unable to create a superuser. When I go to Solr Admin, it requests for a username and password, when default "cassandra" username and password is provided, it lets me access it.

I am just not able to see this default cassandra user in the Search node's CQLSH. When I do,


It says no hosts found.

How do I access the DC1's superuser from DC2 or how do I create a superuser in DC2?

Would really appreciate the help.

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You haven't provided enough information to properly diagnose your problem.

Things that are relevant are:

  • confirmation that both DCs are connected, e.g. all nodes show up in nodetool status output
  • replication settings for system_auth
  • DSE version

My suspicion is that either the DCs are disconnected from each other or that the system_auth keyspace isn't replicated correctly with NetworkTopologyStrategy, possibly with incorrect DC names so Cassandra cannot find replicas. Cheers!

[UPDATE] When you configured authentication, part of the instructions required that you also configured the security keyspaces system_auth and dse_security then repair both keyspaces.

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[Post converted to comment since it's not an "answer"]

@Erick Ramirez thank you for your reply.

  1. The DCs are connected and can be verified in nodetool status.
  2. Replication strategy for system auth is simple strategy
  3. DSE 6.7

I have attached 2 images to show you the configuration.

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I've updated my answer with instructions to configure the replication for security keyspaces.

Can you also provide the full error + full stack trace? Cheers!

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