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Ryan Quey asked Tomasz Lelek commented

Can I specify optional fields in my Kafka connector mapping when using Datastax Kafka connector?

When running Datastax Kafka Connector, I am getting a lot of errors that look like this:

Required field 'value.my_field' (mapped to column my_field) was missing from record (or may refer to an invalid function). Please remove it from the mapping. (com.datastax.oss.kafka.sink.CassandraSinkTask)

It looks like the solution is given in the official docs here: I just have to remove the field. Is it possible to make the field optional though, so that Kafka messages that do have that field can set that column to that C* record, and records that don't just set the C* column to null?

It seems like it should be possible but unsure about how I would go about doing that.

I do have hope though since at least when using Structs, it appears to be possible to allow for optional fields if the example shown here is correct.

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Tomasz Lelek answered Tomasz Lelek commented

You can make the fields optional in the connector.

For example, if you will define the following mapping:

topic.my_topic.my_ks.my_table.mapping = bigintcol=value.bigint,

and having the record with such a schema:

Schema schema =
            .field("bigint", Schema.OPTIONAL_INT64_SCHEMA)
            .field("int", Schema.OPTIONAL_INT32_SCHEMA)

you can leave optional fields unset; you can send, for example, a Kafka record that thas only one field set:

Struct value = new Struct(schema).put("bigint", 1000L);

As a result, when retrieving data from my_ks.my_table, you will see that only value for bigintcol is inserted.

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I see, so in order to mark it as optional in the connector, you just mark it as optional in the schema?

Also, is this documented somewhere so I can read more?

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Yes, you need to make it optional in the Kafka event schema definition.

Unfortunately, we don't have this feature documented, but I will make sure that this will be documented in the next kafka-sink release.

If you are interested in the working example, you can inspect this integration test:

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