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Datastax OpsCenter, Too Many Open Files Error after enabling SSL and authentication

I am using DSE version 6.7.5 and OpsCenter version 6.7.4.
When i start/restart OpsCenter, it works fine for few(4 to 5) hours but after that OpsCenter stop responding. i checked opscenterd.log , Following error were there in the logs.

ERROR: Problem when checking login on /var/lib/opscenter/ssl/truststore.jks (Too many open files).

i have enabled SSL and authentication in our cluster and OpsCenter. i don't know why OpsCenter stop responding after few hours. Please help.

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@chad_90241 sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with OpsCenter. The symptoms you described indicates that the OpsCenter server has insufficient OS resources configured, particularly for the maximum number of open files allowed.

Please validate your server's configuration against the recommended settings which also applies to OpsCenter installations. Pay particular attention to the recommended OS user resource limits. Note that you might also need to raise it beyond the recommended 1M open files. Cheers!

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@Erick Ramirez thanks for your reply.

Our OpsCenter file limit is 1,00,000 that is enough i think. Why does OpsCenter not close those opened files after use? and i felt this only happens when we enable SSL and OpsCenter authentication.

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@chad_90241 it's hard to comment without looking at logs and diagnostic outputs. If you have a valid DSE subscription, please log a Support ticket so one of our engineers can assist you. Cheers!

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