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DSE Graph Solr Query limit not applied

Hi, We have a requirement where graphquery with solr filter return 1000 records.

By default, on server "cql_solr_query_paging: off" -- that limits the result to be restricted to 10 even when ".limit(1000)" is provided in gremlin query. Looks like limit provided in the gremlin query is not "pushed down" to the SOLR. Note: Limit with cql query is working as expected.


Is there a way where application can provide the "limit" if not in the gremlin query?

Tried "cql_solr_query_paging: driver", gremlin query is able to get results for ALL data but likely to result in bad performance since limit is not applied to solr queries. Here are the details:

Index: schema.vertexLabel('Account'). searchIndex(). ifNotExists(). by('nativeId').asString(). by('name').asText(). by('status'). by("ownerId"). by('metaType'). by('updateTime'). waitForIndex(5). create()

Schema schema.vertexLabel('Account'). ifNotExists(). partitionBy('tenantId', Ascii). partitionBy('appId', Ascii). partitionBy('nativeType', Ascii). clusterBy('entityKey', Text). property('ownerId',Ascii). property('entityGlobalId', Uuid). property('status', Ascii). property('metaType', Ascii). ... create()

Query: g.V(). hasLabel("Account"). has("tenantId", "Default"). has("appId", within("ABC")). has("nativeType", within("Account")). has("ownerId", "XYZ").limit(1000).profile()

Profile Output: Step Count Traversers Time (ms) % Dur ============================================================================================================= __.V().hasLabel("Account").has("appId",P.within... 2001 2001 972.929 86.51 CQL statements ordered by overall duration 371.242 _1=SELECT FROM "IAP"."Account" WHERE solr_query = '{"q":":", "fq":["appId:CAMR\-Finance25","nativeT ype:Account","tenantId:Default","ownerId:ARIHANTB"]}' LIMIT 2147483647* / Duration: 371 ms / Count: 1

Expected CQL Query: SELECT FROM "IAP"."Account" WHERE solr_query = '{"q":":*", "fq":["appId:CAMR\-Finance25","nativeType:Account","tenantId:Default","ownerId:ARIHANTB"]}' LIMIT 1000;

Looks like gremlin query "limit" is now applied while making SOLR queries.

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Hi @baid_manish_187433,

thank you for the detailed description, and apologies for the late response.

You are correct: In order for Search to work correctly with Graph, cql_solr_query_paging = driver needs to be set in the dse.yaml.

And yes, limit is not pushed down in the gremlin query.

I'll check if it makes sense to push it down and file an enhancement request.


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