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Why can't I access the Astra UI and backend UI in the week 6 exercise?


After executing step4 as part of week6 workshop, I tried executing the commands in the web browser. I have replaced the hostname with the cloud instance name..

both are failing...

i am unable to proceed



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Hi @narayana.jayanthi_191238,

I see that you are getting an invalid host header exception when accessing port 3000 on your cloud instance.

This indicates that you are still working with the code base of the UI and backend code before we made some necessary changes to make this work on the cloud instances. One of those changes would have fixed the issue with the invalid host header.

In case we didn't make it clear enough: You will need to update your code on the cloud instance before building the docker images and loading them into kind.

To fix this: Do a git pull on the cloud instance. If you made any changes to files, for example the changes to 05-configMap.yaml, make a backup copy of the file first, then to proceed git stash, git pull and reinstate your modified 05-configMap.yaml

Note: you do not need to delete your kubernetes cluster, and if you have already set up your Cassandra cluster, you can keep it all running. But you will need to rebuild both your backend and ui docker images, load them both into the kind cluster again, delete your backend and ui pods and recreate them with the new images.

Then do a port forward again, and I am confident that this will resolve the issue that you are seeing.

Here is more information about the changes that we made:

I hope this gets you on the right track, let us know if you get stuck.


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