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Does DSE Graph operations use GraphQL?


We are really new to Datastax and are planning to introduce DSE for one of our large-sized projects due to the multi-model support DSE provides. In order to maintain the portability, we would like to know whether the DSE graph supports operations through GraphQL, or is it only via Gremlin queries?

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DSE Graph doesn't have a GraphQL interface. As of today, only Gremlin and CQL as Graph are supported.

That's not to say it won't be supported in the future but I'm not in a position to say if it will be or when.

If you let me, I would be happy to pass on your details to the Account team at DataStax so they can reach out to you to discuss your requirements and help you with a solution. Cheers!

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Thanks a lot for confirming that, Eric. GQL was one of the deciding factors we had, but I think I can live with Gremlin for portability. Other deciding factors are the cost per node and the ability to have multi-master (multiple write nodes across geo (3 Geos)) for Astra or DSE in AWS. If I could get some clarity on these two details, I'll ask my client's account team to get in touch with the Datastax account team.

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I'm a Developer Advocate (software dev) here at DataStax and I'm not au fait with how the pricing works so I'll defer that to the Account team.

Here are some of the highlights for clarification:

  • no master/slave architecture in Cassandra -- all nodes are equal
  • no primary or secondary either, again all nodes are equal
  • with all nodes being equal, no single point-of-failure
  • all DCs running active/active -- no primary DC / DR tiering either
  • all nodes will accept reads/writes in any geo
  • real time replication -- writes sent to US West DC are also sent to Sydney DC; only latency is the speed of light

FWIW your client can choose to expand to Azure, GCP or whatever mix of hybrid clouds in the future. Lots of our customers have been doing it for years.

I should also point out that DSE Graph isn't available yet in DataStax Astra so your client will need to get subscriptions for DSE and obviously the cost for AWS resources are exclusive of that. Cheers!

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Kiranu avatar image Kiranu Erick Ramirez ♦♦ commented ·

Thank you for the information. Let me talk with my client and get back. I'm bit worried about the speed of light though :)

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