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Issues running the workshop python app, frontend repeatedly crashing

Hello guys, I am Vaibhav Gupta, enrolled in cassandra-workshop-series. In week4 part, i have did tha through python. The frontend is crashing again and again after sometime, when i run it through gitpod, and when i run it locally through pycharm ide, the page opens where you have to give details about your astra instance, the secure-connect-bundle zip file is not uploading. Please help.

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Thank you for opening your question here, (easier than discord).

When you said the "UI is crashing" can you copy paste some error or behaviour here. I have tested it successfully in gitpod a few minute ago.

# Start the backend
cd cd week4-AppDev-api/
cd getting-started-with-astra-java
mvn clean spring-boot:run

# Start the front end
echo "BASE_ADDRESS=$(gp url 8080)/api" > .env
npm install
npm run start

Don't forget the `.env` file.

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Thank you, that was very helpful.

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Hi @gupta.vaibhav.pro_193637,

when you run locally, are you on Windows10? We have seen issues when populating the form data with the secure bundle on Windows10.

The answer in this post contains a workaround:

Regarding the crashing of the UI:

I've not seen this behaviour, can you let us know a few more details?

How is it crashing?

Do you have UI errors in the gitpod terminal that we could inspect?

You say it is crashing after some time, can you give details what the UI is doing at the time, i.e. in which stage of the app is it crashing (idle, connection dialog, or travelling)?

Thanks for helping us understand the behaviour better.

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Thank you mam for your help, now the issue is rectified.

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