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Materials and Homework for Week 4

Here is this week's instalment of the Cloud-Native Workshop Series materials and homework tasks.

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Week 4 - Application Development Part 2

APIs and Microservices

Click here for all the workshop slides, instructions and Studio notebooks (exercises).

Here are the live stream and recordings for Wednesday and Thursday.*

* Remember: The content is the same in both recordings.


  1. Finish the workshop exercises from week 3. It is essential that you have (1) your database setup on Astra and (2) learned how to use Gitpod already in order to do Week 4.
  2. Watch this video introducing Kafka + Cassandra -- Modern Data Architectures with Kafka and Cassandra.
  3. Do the [short] DataStax Apache Kafka™ Connector course at DataStax Academy.
  4. (optional) Watch DataStax Accelerate -- A NoSQL Original Series. Lots to learn and some for fun!


BONUS! Join the Astrakathon here.

Finally (and importantly) show us your progress by completing this validation form (forms open until August 26).

The validation quiz at the end of each workshop is for our benefit (the workshop hosts) so we have a gauge of how participants are going and whether you are learning key topics from the workshops.

And when the validation quiz is completed within 24 hours of a workshop, we use it as confirmation of attendance. But again, just as a way for us to track aggregate participation.

To be clear, the quizzes are NOT to penalise participants. Think of the quizzes as a way of thanking us for the 100+ hours we spend each week delivering a workshop. When you complete the quiz immediately, it's you acknowledging our efforts and showing your appreciation at the end of each workshop.

We are here to help each and everyone of you learn, develop and become successful with Apache Cassandra.

Workshop FAQ

Check out the frequently asked questions and hot topics. Below are just some we want to highlight:

Any other questions, post them here on DataStax Community. Thank you for attending our workshops!

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Up to 8 attachments (including images) can be used with a maximum of 1.0 MiB each and 10.0 MiB total.