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Using gitpod for Workshop: where is the DL Secure connect bundle link?

(cassandra workshop week 3 )

Instruction is to open Gitpod, and then click the 'Download Secure Connect Bundle' link .

I've been told you have to have a certain file folder highlighted , for this to work, but don' t know which one. I've tried many. (Instructions are 'pres F5 and find the link and click'.) Does the link appear as a window as in the picture ? I can't find this link after the refresh.

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The link is in astra as shown below

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in addition to @jliew1975_193867's answer, here is a more complete guide to get the secure bundle imported into GitPod. I am including full steps for reference.

As outlined in the other answer, you will need to download a secure connection bundle from Astra. Refresh the page before you download, so you get a fresh and valid link. Remember where you download it to:

Then, start on the GitHub page for week3 of the workshop series:

Scroll down to step 3 and click the GitPod button. You will need your GitHub login to use GitPod.

Once GitPod is open (it will launch containers in the background for you, and sometimes that can take a bit of time), you get an IDE with the full project. You will now need to import the secure bundle into GitPod.

We recommend that you load it into the root of the week3 coding projects, so select this folder in the lefthand explorer panel:

Then use the File menu from the header menu to select the option to upload the secure bundle:

After the successful upload, you should see it right there in the week3-AppDev-crud directory:

Now you will need to update the connection details. I am using the python branch for this example. Update the file with your details: The full file path for the connection bundle, the user name, password and keyspace name. Most importantly, don't forget to save the file! There is no auto-save with GitPod.

Before you can run the examples, you will need to install the Cassandra driver. In Python you can do this with pip3 install cassandra-driver

and now you should be good to go: Navigate to crud-python directory and run python

This is what success looks like, complete with our string formatting error (we will fix it) :)

I hope that gets you all over the connection issues.

If you see an error about the connection not being defined, it is most likely that the details in the file don't match, or that the file has not been saved.


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Thanks, got this working now.

The reason for my confusion was that when it says 'go to the homepage' , I didn't know which homepage. It means the one on the Astra console for the killrvideo database. That's where the link is. It might be good to clarify where "the hompage" is .. ( i thought the link would be on the gitpod page ..)

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